Don’t Wait! Help Us Move Freight Today!

Strategic investments have Georgia moving. But if we wait for freight improvements, our successes are at risk!

County Transportation Sales Tax

(73 Counties)
Since 2012


HB170, (2015)
- $1 Billion


Transit Improvements,
Regional Transit Expansion
(2016, 2018)

Savannah Harbor Expansion

Million YTD

State to do

Largest Port

Largest Air
Cargo Hub


Growing Port

We can’t wait for the freight to come before we start implementing solutions to the growing truck traffic on our roads.

Our families can’t wait for freight to come because it could rob them of time together because they’re sitting in traffic.

Our Businesses can’t wait for freight to come because it will increase the cost of goods moving through Georgia.

Our infrastructure can’t wait for freight to come because it will require more capacity on roads and bridges that are already stressed to the max.

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We Need Action Now!

By embracing and investing in these challenges that come with increased freight moving through our state, Georgia can win now and into the future. Our rural communities win with more economic development; our metro areas win with less traffic.

If we wait for freight, our economic future is at risk. But if we embrace this opportunity, Georgia can’t wait for freight!